Notoriously Homophobic Gay Writer Hired By Highly-Touted News Site

brandon ambrosinoLooking for something to hate-read? Well, you’re in luck: Brandon Ambrosino has just been hired to write for Vox, where presumably we’ll get to watch him work out whatever his damage is in regular lousy columns.

You might recall Brandon from some recent columns and appearances in which he basically branded himself as a homosexual for homophobes: socially conservative, antigay, an apologist for our enemies. He defended Jerry Falwell (who once claimed that gays caused 9/11), frowned at marriage equality, and claimed that his homosexuality was a choice. He wrote an article called “Tranny; Grammar.”

Brandon’s not especially insightful. He doesn’t have any particular talent for constructing an argument. There’s nothing all that compelling about what he has to say. There’s no reason to suffer through his work. His only distinction is that he’s a gay guy who writes with disdain for other gay guys. And as anyone who’s ever read the comments on Queerty can tell you, there’s nothing all that unusual about that.

He could probably get hired at Thought Catalog, the personal-essay site for people who think they’re deep even if no one else sees it. But Vox is a major new journalism venture, with lots of big name talent and corporate sponsorship. So it’s weird to see such an irritating kid on their roster.

It would be super awesome if we turned out to be wrong, and he actually started producing some great work! We would love to be talking about him because he said something interesting, rather than because he was inexplicably published yet again. Here’s hoping.


H/t: MediaMatters