aw, nuts!

Nutter Butter is tweeting about getting nutted on and… Gay rights! We… guess?

As Pride Month 2022 nears its end, we’re pretty used to seeing brands take to social media to demonstrate their allyship with rainbow-fied logos and queer-friendly Twitter speak. But we don’t quite know what to make of the latest from the @NutterButter account:

Gay rights! We… guess?

It’s pretty clear that Nabisco’s famous peanut-butter cookie sandwich is playing off of the lyrics of “L-O-V-E,” the Nat King Cole classic. But what’s not clear is if the social media manager and/or marketing team behind the brand has any idea what the phrase “nut at me” is implying. We’re just concerned, that’s all!

In this age of personified brands, we’ve seen plenty of companies tweet like they’re another one of our Good Judys, co-opting phrases popularized by the ballroom scene and using Drag Race gifs to prove why consumers will be “gagging” for their latest product. However, that doesn’t appear to be the voice of Nutter Butter’s Twitter account, which hasn’t even addressed Pride Month in any overt way.

Instead, the cookie handle has made a habit of posting memes, photos, and other retweet-able phrases that often replace words with “nut” in a pretty nonsensical way. Let’s take a look at a few more recent examples:

We’re afraid to ask what “upnut” is.

You see, the “nut club” is the place where Nutter Butters go to party! It’s quite simple, really.

Making use of the recent “He’s a 10” meme, the brand jokes about the worrisome impulse to dip the cookies in water. But, come on, “dip his nutter butters?” Maybe this all is intentional.

One would think you’d have no trouble finding nut-lovers on Grindr, but, if not, let Nuttr be your new go-to dating app for nutty hookups.

Okay, wait, so they’re just replacing the Latin word “cum” here with “nut”? Alright, we take it back; Nutter Butter knows exactly what it’s doing.

Clearly, there’s some kind of mad genius at work here. Truly great art is supposed to change the way you look at the world and, honestly, we’ll never think of Nutter Butters the same way again.

Of course, such boundary-breaking art is destined to be misunderstood, met with derision or fear. At least over on Gay Twitter™, reactions are mixed to Nutter Butter’s latest work of unparalleled genius—here are a few of our favorite responses so far:

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