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NY Mets Forced To Wear Underoos; Nick Jonas’ Costar Went Full Frontal

Brandon Flowers, pop music’s cutest vocalist, joined the Pet Shop Boys, the genre’s smartest and wittiest duo, for a rendition of their song “Rent,” during a recent L.A. concert. The results (that’s a pun for Liza Minnelli fans) were magical, of course.

Sorry ladies, Helen Mirren will no longer be doing nude scenes. She told The Telegraph, “My pleasure pillows are strictly for my husband.”


Maybe it’s the fast talking that keeps John Stamos looking eternally young. The 52-year-old actor explains why you need to watch his new sitcom Grandfathered.

Here’s something to interest us in sports: Rookie members of the New York Mets were forced to partake in some sort of hazing ritual and wear their Underoos home from Cincinnati where they played the Reds over the weekend.

Veteran actor Frank Grillo, whose credits include Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Kingdom opposite Nick Jonas, did a completely nude photo shoot early in his career. See the NSFW pics here.