Does Not Appreciate "Correct" Change

NY Official Officially In Gay Bar Fight

Coppers corrected NY Dept. of Corrections official Marc Carpentier last night after Carpentier punched a bartender at Chelsea dinosaur, The View.

Several minutes after heading to The View, Carpentier got into a beef with a bartender when he paid for a $5 beer and the server handed over five $1 bills in change, cops said.

Carpentier claimed he’d paid with a $20 bill.

The server continued to insist it was a $10 bill, but offered to give Carpentier another $10 if his cash register showed a discrepancy at night’s end. Carpentier then allegedly punched the 29-year-old bartender.

In addition to violence, Carpentier’s also enjoys “kissing with my eyes open,” according to his MySpace page. We enjoy thinking that’s weird.