NYPD’s ‘Jock Itch’ Cop Costs City $300K In Sexual Harassment Case

How much did NYPD officer Lt. Kieran Crowe’s alleged jock itch cost the city? $300,000.

The gay cop stood accused, by two male sergeants, of fondling his nether regions in front of them and creating a hostile work environment. Crowe, who left his job in 2008, blamed his jock itch. (He had a doctor testify of his decade-long condition.) And while he isn’t paying up, New York City will write checks to Sgt. Dominic Coppola ($175,000) and Sgt. Sean Gallagher ($125,000) for Crowe’s actions, which included “simulated masturbating and wiggled his tongue at [subordinates] in a sexually suggestive manner.”