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Obama Believes DOMA Is Discriminatory. But Does He Think It’s Unconstitutional?

I don’t … the president hasn’t to the best of my … I have not heard the president intone what he believes the constitutionality of the law is. I know that he believes the law should be changed. Legal decisions around next steps in that case, I believe, will be made at the Justice Department and I would point you over there to them. Again, the president believes, in this case, and the president believes in the case of “don’t ask, don’t tell” that those are laws that he has believed for quite some time should be changed.

—Press Sec. Robert Gibbs, who’s wholly unaware as to whether Obama equates “discriminatory” with “unconstitiional,” which is fair because sometimes the constitution does let us discriminate! [via]

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  • Brutus

    Finally Queerty recognizes this distinction.

    It’s not necessarily unconstitutional, but its supporters haven’t come up with a rational basis for it to pass constitutional muster.

  • Samwise

    Five words: Full Faith and Credit Clause.

    End of story.

  • Steve

    @Samwise: Five more words: All men are created equal.

    Now end of story.

  • Kenster999

    Gibbs totally strikes me as a homophobe, dancing around even saying the word “gay”. (Rahm Emanuel seems very unfriendly to gays as well.)

  • Gorbeh

    The key word making me doubt his sincerity is “changed” instead of “repealed”.

  • jason

    Could it be that both Gibbs and Emanuel were/are closet cases? They both give off that gay vibe to me. Of course, they might be bisexual, albeit loathing of their same-sex component. Some of the worst homophobes are straight-identifying men with a biological same-sex component that they hate.

  • Dawson

    @Steve: That isn’t in the constitution.

  • ewe

    There should be more than two meaningful political parties and here we have Obama smack in the center. He is not doing anything for the advancement of gay rights and he won’t be doing it in a second term either. Don’t buy into that facade AGAIN.

  • ewe

    That pen has a lot of power if he picks it up and signs. What in the hell is OUR president doing on our behalf that is concrete? We do not need sappy words of encouragement. Queerty should explain that fucking photograph and stop manipulating their intentions with pasted media clips. It is deceiving.

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