Obama: Courts Will Most Likely Repeal DOMA Very Soon

Think Progress just posted a video of Barack Obama discussing the bi-national couples deported by the Defense of Marriage Act and his thoughts that DOMA will be repealed soon and not within years, seeing as there are several court cases challenging the anti-gay law.

Here’s a paraphrase of Obama’s thoughts:

Once that law is struck down — and I don’t know what the ruling will be — then addressing these binational issues could flow from that decision potentially. I can’t comment on where the case is going to go. I can only say what I believe and that is that DOMA doesn’t make sense, it’s unfair. I don’t think that it meets the demands of our Constitution… I’ve also said that I’m also supportive of Congress repealing DOMA on its own and not waiting for the courts. The likelihood of us being able to get the House of representatives for DOMA repeal are very low at this point. So truthfully, the recourse to the courts is probably going to be the best approach.

Will DOMA soon go the way of DADT? It seems imminent.