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Obama Just Reached Out to His Supporters … Of Everything But Marriage Equality

As of 9:15pm EST, this video has been watched just over 300 times. That’s not so impressive, given it was email blasted some three hours ago to Organizing For America’s email list on the one year anniversary of Barack Obama learning he would be president. Maybe we’ve all grown tired of listening to empty messages from the guy?

OFA, founded as Organizing for Obama and renamed after he took the White House, says the president “just recorded a video for supporters like you.” Except really, it could be aimed at any group — it’s that generalized and bland.

But one thing’s for sure: It’s not directly aimed at LGBT Americans. How do we know this? Because the last time we heard from OFA, now under control of the DNC, it was alerting Maine voters about the election … without mentioning they should vote “No on Question 1.”

The video message is aimed at OFA supporters who have been helping “bring about change” by “making hundreds of thousands of calls to Congress to push health reform forward, by pouring your effort into seemingly insurmountable challenges time and again, and, since January, by building on the power of our campaign to create Organizing for America.”

Oh, but you weren’t expecting the president to extend his hand for those who fought for equality in Maine and Washington, were you?

Maybe that’s why some are calling Obama the loser of Election Day.