Pesky Paper Blows Up G-Spot

Obama May Miss Trans Date

Barack Obama may lose a dinner date with a lovely lady. Obama invited Jennifer Lasko to a small dinner so that Lasko could share her story: she once served in the Army, loved John McCain and registered as a Republican. George Bush’s dirty tactics and morally disgraceful ideology, however, forced her to vote for Al Gore in the election. Since then, she’s decried the war and swore off the GOP.

Naturally such a story stuck with Obama and his campaign advisers, thus they invited Lasko to the aforementioned dinner. Unfortunately, The Palm Beach Post threatened their political love affair. The Florida newspaper revealed that 42-year old Jennifer Lasko used to be John William Lasko.

Now Lasko, who is legally a woman, may call the whole thing off:

I asked to be excused from the dinner. I never wanted undue attention. But I figured that this was a private thing, and I’m just a citizen who wants to discuss issues. I was foolish to think I could keep it under wraps. There are a lot of close-minded people who’ll make an issue of this.

You know what, Lasko, we think you should go. We think you need to assert your rights as a citizen and tell the Post to go fuck themselves. No paper can make you feel “foolish”. So you changed genders, so fucking what? And we’re not the only ones who think that. Obama spokeswoman Jen Psaki agrees, although not quite in those words:

We selected Jennifer to be a part of this dinner because of her commitment to her community. Barack Obama hopes that she’ll decide to attend after all. If she doesn’t, he hopes to meet her in the future.

When was the last time you saw a Republican invite a trans woman to dinner?