Obama Needs Your Jewish Granny, Says Sarah Silverman

Taking no chances on Florida’s political leaning this November, Sarah Silverman is urging Jews with Sunshine State-based grandparents to schlep down there and convince them to vote for Barack Obama. Because, as she says, blacks and elderly Jews are super similar, like the fact that they both like track suits and Cadillacs. It’s a fact!

[via Funny Or Die!]

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  • Charles Merrill

    She is great. I understand what she is saying about some conservative Jews. It goes along with orthodox Judeo religion. They love Pat Robertson. Even Richard Simmonds mother voted for Bush.

  • CitizenGeek

    I love Sarah Silverman. She’s hilarious!

  • Chapeau

    Sarah has tapped into something here … from what I’m hearing on the grapevine ….

    SOFL Jews are being very racist about Obama … “from what I hear” …

    So, like Silverman says … get your Jewish fatasses down to FL and work on these old folks!


  • Michael

    I love Sarah Silverman and as a Jew, I certainly see her point, however, I will be voting for McCain, as will everyone else in my family…. and before you get all pissy, I live in Texas, like we would ever be blue anyway…

    Hillary 2012

  • jules

    So, I guess if you live in Texas, you don’t have a brain?

  • Mr C

    And to add to that.

    NO HILLARY IN 2012


  • ID

    “I live in Texas, like we would ever be blue anyway…”

    Ah yes, the “I live in Texas so who cares who I vote for” load – what are principles again I forget? Also great that you’d go out of your way to use your vote that so clearly doesn’t matter to vote for someone you seem to half-heartedly support at best, that or you’re just being a closet republican.

    Live in Texas and will gladly vote for Obama.

    *salute to Sarah*

  • Alexa

    Speaking as someone who voted for Hillary in the primary, Michael, you are a fucking idiot and a complete disgrace. If you respected Hillary as much as you think you do, you would vote for her choice for President, and that’s Obama.

  • Tony

    I love how people rationalize their themselves as “feminist” when they vote for the only remaining viable white person in the race.

  • Tony

    I love how people categorize themselves as “feminist” when they vote for the only remaining viable white person in the race.

  • seitan-on-a-stick

    Sarah Silverman is comic brilliance! The Jewish vote needs to be talked about more openly in the media (you would think!) I really don’t get upset that a person in a state that makes little difference in the race, be it a Blue State or a Red State is voting for reasons of vengeance (Republicans were behind the Hillary PUMAs) Living in New York, it could be wiser to vote for a third party which is Gay-inclusive like the Green Party to obtain the 3% threshold for matching federal election funds and Gay leverage in the State Houses knowing it will be an Obama-sweep. Our Texan friend could do this, also. But, he never intended to vote for Hillary in a Presidential election anyway, just against Barack. Texas is slowly moving away from their red-ness especially in the gayer Dallas and Austin districts. Could fix that gerry-mandering that Tom Delay carved out and worthy of a mention on Stephen Colbert’s “Better Know a District” segment on the Colbert Report. The only states in real play here are Florida, Ohio, Michigan and Pennsylvania. Canvassing these states is the major battleground of this election. Let’s not waste energies on the antipodes of Red/Blue.

  • feathermaid

    I love Sarah but just wanted to point out that Baruch does not mean “lightning” but, even better, it means “blessed.” If you don’t believe me, check out this wonderful article by David Scheim in the Washington Post (August 28):




    It’s well researched, with enough facts about Obama’s name to impress grandparents of other faiths as well!

  • feathermaid

    Here’s some ammunition if you are still after the votes of Republicans, Independents, or Wavering Dems in your family. There’s an interesting article in the Washington Post (Aug. 28) that points out that Barack does not mean lightning as Sarah though but means “blessed” (Baruch in Hebrew). Check it out for all sorts of interesting info about his name:


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