Obama Quits Trinity, Maintains Lead


Barack Obama also had a bit of a bumpy weekend. Hoping to prevent any more holy calamities, like that of Hillary Clinton-bashing Michael Pfleger, the Democrat stepped down from his controversial church, Chicago’s Trinity United Church of Christ.

Said the Senator,

It’s clear that now that I’m a candidate for president, every time something is said in the church by anyone associated with Trinity, including guest pastors, the remarks will imputed to me even if they totally conflict with my long-held views, statements and principles. I have no idea how it will impact my presidential campaign but I know it was the right thing to do for me and my family.

Though politically expedient, Obama made clear that he did not made the decision “lightly” and was filled with sadness over the decision. He also made clear that would not – and could not – denounce the church. And, it seems to us, he shouldn’t be asked to – people should be able to say whatever they’d like while they worship.

Despite the hiccup, Obama’s campaign seems on the fast track to the Democratic nomination. The candidate’s a mere 44 delegates away from the finish line and announced that his post-primary rally will take place in Minneapolis St. Paul, where John McCain’s meant to accept the Republican nomination. The primary’s are drawing to a close, but the psychological war continues. And it’s going to be a rager!