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Obama’s Latest Stab at Making Amends? Hiring a Gay Museum Director


Well who didn’t see this one coming? Continuing to fend off criticism that he’s abandoned the gay community, President Obama is rumored to be making his second stab at reaffirming his position as a “fierce advocate” for us. And what might that be? Nominating openly gay William White, currently the president of New York’s Intrepid aircraft carrier museum, “to a civilian Pentagon post that would make him the highest-ranking openly gay person in the department.”

White, who was rumored last year to be a possible Navy secretary candidate, is said to be up for the post of deputy chief management officer for the Pentagon, “a Senate-confirmed position created last year by Congress to help with management of the sprawling Defense Department. If confirmed, he likely would face questions during a Senate confirmation hearing over how his nomination would square with the military’s policies on gays — though as a civilian position, he would not run afoul of the policy.”

And that would be, well, very nice indeed. It’d also be one more example of the White House’s orchestrated plan to curry favor among the gays (and the media covering the tension) without actually doing anything for gay people.

There have also been rumors Obama would nominate an openly gay person for an ambassador post. Same thing there: Headline-grabbing move that actually does squat for the millions of gays still paying taxes but still unable to share health care with their partners, still getting kicked out of the military, still unable to keep their foreign spouse in the U.S., and still seen as second class.