Oh look, ANOTHER gay circuit party brawl caught on video

Here we go again.

Last month we looked on in mild horror as a skirmish played out on the dancefloor at the XLSIOR festival in Mykonos, Greece.

As a remix of “Never Enough” from The Greatest Showman thumped along, a sea of perplexed and indistinguishable attendees tried to separate the two angry parties.

So it is with even further embarrassment that we shine a light on a video posted on Facebook by Lancelot Jordan Lundberg.

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Lundberg says it was taken as famed circuit DJ Offer Nassim dazzled a crowd in Sao Paulo.

But the focus was interrupted by some rather legit looking punches, bathed in the expensive blue and pink club lighting.

“Not Myk,” Lundberg wrote, referring to the XLSIOR video, before adding, “and real punches.”

Watch below:

Not Myk – and real punches. Offer Nissim. Sao Paulo. Anniversary.

Posted by Lancelot Jordan Lundberg on Saturday, September 8, 2018