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  • Rt. Rev. Dr. RES

    Considering how the suprahet fills out his knickers, I think that this photo adds new meaning to what one Queen produced when she knighted him SIR SEAN CONNERY.

    Considering the fact that in polls, most women said that Connery was the best James Bond ever. Yes, I think that he was the only one with the right head for the job. LOL

  • Woof


  • Maverick69

    This reminds me of a dream I had with Sir Connery. It was Sir Connery as Bond, me and get this, Dame Edna. We were all working undercover at this huge Gala looking for our three hidden spies. We were suppose to inform each other of our where-abouts at all times. Bond sees his spy and goes off to another room and I watch Dame Edna go off in another direction and slip behind a door under the grand marble staircase. I follow her and there she is flirting with one of the spies (Traitor Whore). Once she spots me, Miss thing is trying to throw me down the narrow stairs. Me, in my black beaded dress managed to jump up and grab one of the ceiling pipes and tried to kick Dame Edna in the back with both feet, but she was too heavy and my spiked heels would not let me really kick her hard enough. All of a sudden, a morgue type draw flies opens and slams Dame Edna in the back and throws her down the narrow stairs killing her. Before I know it, I’m driving in my sports car chasing the one spy who had gotten away. While I’m chasing this spy my car goes over the cliff and into the raging river, I’m trying to get out of my sports car through the sunroof but my beaded dress was weighing me down. Before I know it, I see a helicopter with James Bond on a rope ladder coming to my rescue. Last thing I remember was the grip of his strong hand as he pulled me out of my sinking sports car. I wake up in hospital to find my twin sister sobbing which I respond in a groggy moan, “Oh Miss Thing relax it’s been a few days.” That’s when she informs me I’ve been in a coma for 6 months. My first thought is ” Six months of my life have gone by?” Fast forward on my return home. I’m in my own private chopper and as I arrive to my estate. I see a huge welcome home banner with some sort of carnival going on. Once I land and get to my front door, my butler hands me this box with a phone in it. He tells me it’s Mr. Bond. Shocked and with a puzzled look, he explains he visited me everyday for the 6 months I was at hospital. I say hello and the first words out of his mouth are “My Darling” and that he would whisk me off in his private jet. At that moment I knew all those other girls meant nothing to him and I was his true love. The next thing I hear is my hubby call “Vincent time to wake up!” Once I reach the top of the stairs in real life my partner is wondering why the big giant smile. That’s when I told him, That James Bond loves me !!

    This was a true dream. ;-)

  • Paul Raposo

    Hey Maverick69, I love it!

    Dreams are wonderful things 8^)

  • SeaFlood

    Damn! Mothafucka is HUNG!

  • Maverick69

    Hey Paul,

    Many Thanks. I always smile when I think of this dream.

  • John

    Who is the other guy?

    Who is who?

    Is Connery in the white? If so, who is the chunky monkey in the black, because he’s the one who is melting my cubes.

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