's New Ad Campaign Hits The Spot

On The Importance Of Sluttery

chemcam.jpg struck another blow against rival eHarmony. The dating sites have been at war for months now, largely because of’s aggressive ad campaign. A previous series questioned eHarmony’s queer exclusion. Now a new round rags on eHarmony founder Dr. Neil Clark Warren’s celibacy celebration:

Dr. Warren, a former seminary student who has had several books published by Focus on the Family, an evangelical Christian group, has publicly voiced his belief that premarital sex can increase the likelihood of one’s marrying the wrong person.

No way, Warren: screwing helps weed out the losers.

eHarmony, meanwhile, reiterated that they have nothing against gays. Nor are they swayed by Warren’s evangelical roots. The site simply doesn’t have the appropriate “psychological data” to pair same-sex couples.

Damn our bent brains!