writing history

One Day It Just Dawned On Barack Obama To Stop Defending DOMA, Or Something

Heh. I love how history is being written: POTUS was hanging out in the OO and he was all like, “You know what you guys? We need to put a stop to this DOMA shizzle!” And huzzah, a new legal theory emerged, just like that!

Allow The Daily Beast‘s Daniel Stone to begin painting Obama as the staint to gays:

President Obama was in the Oval Office, poring over a stack of legal memos. It was several days before the announcement that the administration would no longer vouch for part of the Defense of Marriage Act, and the former constitutional law professor was reviewing the arguments before the Justice Department for an upcoming Massachusetts case. With top staffers more concerned with the political impact of halting prosecutions under the marriage law—and whether it would complicate negotiations with Republicans about avoiding a government shutdown—Obama summoned his senior advisers to a meeting. It might not be pretty, he told them, “but it’s the right thing to do.”

I also love how much Gay Inc. groups are complete pussies, unwilling to criticize the White House publicly:

For the most part, gay advocates have been pleased with the administration. That’s a major shift from a year ago, when LGBT issues weren’t getting the attention some advocacy wanted. “We felt disrespected last year,” said a spokesman for one group, who requested anonymity to criticize administration officials. “But over time, they’ve come to appreciate the compelling arguments we have.”