The Wanted v. One Direction In Gay Twitter Feud, Cher Is Not Dead But Annette Funicello Is & More!


– Some queen from The Wanted called some queen from One Direction gay, igniting a war of raised and immaculately groomed eyebrows on the Twitter.

The Glee Project may be put out of its misery depending on whether Glee is put out of everyone’s misery.

rj-mitteBreaking Bad‘s RJ Mitte is getting in touch with his inner bad boy, and in touch with some outer bad girls.

– Ellen and Portia, take a backseat — there’s a new power lesbian couple in town: Sara Gilbert and Linda Perry are engaged.

– Stop the presses RIGHT. FUCKING. NOW. Justin Bieber has cut his hair. And his discarded locks will appear on eBay in 3…2…

Ray J must think we’re idiots if he wants us to believe his song about banging Kim Kardashian isn’t about banging Kim Kardashian. He must also think we care about anything he says or does.

– Maggie Thatch wasn’t the only iron lady to pass yesterday. Annette Funicello, R.I.P.

–  But contrary to popular misconstrued Twitter hashtag belief, Cher is not dead, you gays.

– Call us psychic, but we think Sen. John McCain will find a convenient excuse to miss his wife Cindy and daughter Meghan starring in  a production of Dustin Lance Black‘s Prop 8 play.

Beyoncé and Jay-Z nearly caused their own Cuban missile crisis since the U.S. Treasury Department is blowin’ up their spot.

@PrezBillyJeff. Thanks Stephen Colbert.

– Popular web series Eastsiders has been picked up by Logo.

– God knows what Logo picked up when it decided to air the documentary, WHAT!? I’m a Stripper: