One Million Moms At JCPenney’s Throat Again For Lesbian Mothers’ Day Ad

Certified hate group One Million Moms has previously led unsuccessful campaigns to get Ellen fired as JCPenney spokesperson, make Toys ‘R Us stop selling Archie comics and ban two-groom wedding cakes from Macy’s ads.

They’ve returned to hating on JCPenney, this time for featuring lesbian moms Wendi and Maggie with their daughters Clover and Raven and Wendi’s mom Carolyn, in a super-cute Mothers’ Day ad. Here’s the text of the ad, interrupting with brief moments of sarcasm from yours truly:

“You’ll often find Wendi, her partner, Maggie, and daughters elbow-deep in paint, cay or mosaics.”

Mosaics? The horror!

“Even as babies, the girls toddled around in diapers, covered in paint,” said Wendi.

Sounds like irresponsible parenting, no? There’s all kinds of harmful chemicals in paint!!

“They come from a long line of artists, which includes grandma Carolyn. Visiting her art studio in Granbury, Texas is a favorite outing. And like any grandma, this one loves to bake—pottery, that is.”

OMM has a call to action on their website, but it probably won’t go very far. After all, estimates put their numbers at 40,000, nowhere near the number of people who tune in daily to watch family-ruining anti-mom lesbians like Ellen everyday.