One Million Moms At JCPenney’s Throat Again For Lesbian Mothers’ Day Ad

Certified hate group One Million Moms has previously led unsuccessful campaigns to get Ellen fired as JCPenney spokesperson, make Toys ‘R Us stop selling Archie comics and ban two-groom wedding cakes from Macy’s ads.

They’ve returned to hating on JCPenney, this time for featuring lesbian moms Wendi and Maggie with their daughters Clover and Raven and Wendi’s mom Carolyn, in a super-cute Mothers’ Day ad. Here’s the text of the ad, interrupting with brief moments of sarcasm from yours truly:

“You’ll often find Wendi, her partner, Maggie, and daughters elbow-deep in paint, cay or mosaics.”

Mosaics? The horror!

“Even as babies, the girls toddled around in diapers, covered in paint,” said Wendi.

Sounds like irresponsible parenting, no? There’s all kinds of harmful chemicals in paint!!

“They come from a long line of artists, which includes grandma Carolyn. Visiting her art studio in Granbury, Texas is a favorite outing. And like any grandma, this one loves to bake—pottery, that is.”

OMM has a call to action on their website, but it probably won’t go very far. After all, estimates put their numbers at 40,000, nowhere near the number of people who tune in daily to watch family-ruining anti-mom lesbians like Ellen everyday.

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  • Dr. Dick

    OMG OMM needs a bloody life! Somebody get these gals a vibrator ASAP! (or several, whatevs)

  • jj

    Lol at them calling themselves 1 million moms. Id challenge them to find 1 million supporters in the us. I bet they couldnt…

  • cam

    At this point J.C. Penny should pay the group for all the wonderful free advertising they get from them. Sales are UP at Penny’s since this whole thing started. lol

  • Professor Locs

    Come on, who would not like Ellen. In every show, she ends with the words, “Be Kind”.
    Ellen is just being authentic and true. She doesn’t cover up who she is and what she
    believes. Even the President and the First Lady have been on her show so doesn’t
    that give her some kind of credibility.

    Intolerance always shows it’s ugly head. Too bad, we just cannot be kind to each other
    and live in peace.

  • Rusty Redfield

    I worked out what “One Million Moms” refers to. It’s approximately 3,000 women with a collective weight of one million pounds.

  • Mike in London UK

    Can someone take OMM to court for misrepresentation?

    Unless they actually have ONE MILLION MOTHERS in their membership then its worth a try?

  • JayKay

    Now let’s see if they run a similar ad featuring two men when father’s day rolls around…

    Spoiler alert: They won’t.

  • yaoming

    I think that’s “One Million Moms” (in quotes) – like 100 Moms, really.

  • Larkin

    You all should be ashamed of yourselves. One Million Moms is just rounding up to the nearest million!

  • 1equalityUSA

    I just went to J.C. Penney’s today, to support them for having the spine to stand against hatred. I bought 501’s, underwear, and socks for this homeless guy that was discharged from the hospital without any clothes. He was sent out in thin hospital pajamas. I wonder if 1,000 moms know what gays really do on their days off.

  • Macmantoo

    @Professor Locs: I really don’t think the One MIllion Moms really support anything that Presideent Obama or Michelle does. Those type support the Bachmann’s Michelle. You know, losers have to stick together.

  • Brian

    These “One Million Mom’s” need to stop. Every time they pull these attacks against stores for being inclusive, I feel it is my responsibility to support the store by buying their products. I’m sorry, but I don’t know how many more shirts I can buy at JCP before I crack! Please, pick another clothing store to attack so I can get some variety in my closet. It was weird enough when a 26 year old man is shopping at Toys R Us to support our allies. But come on.

    (Before I get attacked, this is a joke. Clearly. Although I really do shop at JCP to support their equality.)

  • LaTeesha

    A group of moms is criticizing moms. Gotta love it. What a bunch of dumb asses.

  • Spike

    Millions of dollars in free advertising every time these 200 moms make their claims.

    I’m still not gonna go shopping at this JCP place, let the lesbians represent and support.

  • Robroberts

    What do “One Million Moms” think to themselves in the morning — “what a lovely day! What can I do with my life today? oh I know! Lets spread hate about a loving same sex couple featured in a clothing catalog! Lets do this because there are not enough other problems in the world!”

    I mean have these yunts heard about starvation, homelessness, poverty … Isn’t there something thy would like to do to contribute to this planet? ladies, i am onto you — I know how much easier it is to hate and fear from the comfort of your double-wides and cast judgement upon your fellow human beings — especially such harmfull evil monsters as a couple of lesbians in love. Imagine gay people being able to express their love openly! what an abomination!

    OMM is simply pathetic.

  • Larry

    their facebook page has less than 50k likes…it is really pretty pitiful…and as usual they aren’t for anything. it is all about the things they hate

  • Esbee

    Gays have fought long and hard to have their rights and be accepted as just another life style choice. Their claims of “I can’t help I was born this way and who I love” have helped turn the social tide from many years ago when they were called sinful, unlawful and mentally aberrant. BUT another group now considered sinful, unlawful and mentally aberrant is on the horizon wanting their rights to also be accepted as just another lifestyle choice for the same reasons that they “can’t help they were born this way and who they love”—those who want to have sex with children and animals. The thing is that gays think of this groups as sinful, unlawful and mentally aberrant. Why? You would think the gays would be on the front lines helping them to get their rights to just another life style choice.

  • LaTeesha

    @Esbee: I couldn’t understand you with that crack pipe in your mouth.

  • Robroberts


    ESABEE – are you really pulling out the tired, pathetic “slippery slope” arguement that bigots use to deny advancement to all minorities? i mean Jesus, if men can marry men, than why can’t whales marry teapots!!!

    All social progress involves change; but remember,me are talking about same sex marraige here, not poligamy and child rape; if you are interested in those two “lifestyles” you best consult those who practice them, the Mormon and Catholic churches.

  • 1equalityUSA

    Polygamy is denied to everybody, whether straight or gay, so just one segment of society, due to immutable characteristics, is not being denied what another segment of society enjoys. All are equally denied polygamy, whereas gays cannot even have one spouse.

    Animals cannot give consent.

  • Esbee

    all I am saying is that there are other groups out there who want their rights to be considered normal just like gays were considered years ago…not saying I agree but these groups are riding the coat tails of the gays…using “look at what gays did for their rights, why can’t we be out of our closets also.” NAMBLA- the group that promotes loving sex with young boys says that gays support them. Whales have no desire nor inclination to marry teapots but there are humans out there with desires that they want to legitimize.

  • 1equalityUSA

    Children are not to be exploited. Children are not mature enough to even contemplate sex. If those children grow up and have orientations that are immutable and they are fortunate enough to find a consenting adult to love and with whom to share life’s journey, then equality under American law would allow them to enjoy a secular, civic, contractual, legal arrangement. Esbee, go away. You are a hate filled troll muddying up the water. You are insulting and bigoted.

  • Robroberts


    ESTABEE — explain to me again why two loving, consenting adults cannot be allowed to enter into a contract and enjoy the same rights as every other taxpayer?

    Explain to me again why society would EVER allow adults to have sex with children?

    Also, please explain to me why the overwhelming majority of pedophilia is heterosexual, yet you pathetically still attempt to link this issue with being gay?

    And finally, explain to me why the vast majority of pornography is heterosexual, and much of it depicts SODOMY? So please remind me who the real sodomites are?


  • Esbee

    i do not need to explain anything except that your replies about those who cannot help how they were born and who they love are being met with the same prejudices that gays were met with when they decided to fight for their rights to be considered another life style choice.

  • Robroberts


    ESBEE — do you even understand the concept of “gay rights”?

    It is based on the concept that being gay IS NOT A LIFESTYLE CHOICE. We are born this way. If you think something as complex as human sexuality is merely a choice, you are deluded. Just try this experiment: I presume you are straight, so why don’t you just “choose” to have sex with someone of your same gender? You would in all likelyhood NOT be able to do it, and would be repulsed by the idea.

    By calling gays a “lifestyle” you are being incredibly ignorent and dismissive of what it is to be gay. most gays could no more change their sexual preferences than a black person could change their color.

    Pedophilia and bestiality are not lifestyles either — they are perversion. They have nothing to do with being straight or gay, in fact the majority of people who are into bestiality identify as heterosexual. So if you are REALLY concerned with tour child or dog being molested, why do tou attack gays and not child molesters and bestiality enthusiasts?

    Anyways, your thinking is very confused and fear based, I truly hope you wake up someday or find some compassion. Good lick.

  • 1equalityUSA

    Roroberts, this is esbee’s backhanded way of using the same arguments that NOM and all of the other haters have used to try to slander our community. People such as esbee will never see us as fully human and entitled to secular, civil equality under the law. We have been likened to thieves, child molesters, participants of bestiality, evil, dishonest, overly sexual, unAmerican, UnChristian, undeserving of equality, and the hateful list goes on and on. This esbee is just another hater that came onto a gay website to stir the pot. It’s an old, stale retort that is as fossilized and the, “God made Adam and Eve…not Adam and Steve” relic. This menopausal, mean-spirited woman is underhanded in her attacks on our community. Just say it, esbee. Don’t be such a mouse. (Sorry for any mice who may have been offended at having been equated with the likes of esbee.)

  • LaTeesha

    @Esbee: Hey. Own your cray-cray. It’s ok.

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