One Million Moms Drops Attack On Ellen, JCPenney. (Still Hates The Gays, Though)

Today One Million Moms—which has neither one million members nor moms, discuss—announced it was abandoning its fatwah against JCPenney for hiring “open homosexual” Ellen DeGeneres as a spokeswoman. (Last month, the group called for the retailer to can the out talk-show host.)

GLAAD reports:

In an interview with Christian news outlet, “One Million Moms” Director Monica Cole says that “other issues require her group’s attention, so OMM is moving on.”

Nearly 50,000 advocates and allies joined GLAAD to #StandUpForEllen and thank J.C. Penney for its support of Ellen after OMM launched its call for the comedian to be fired simply because she’s gay. Despite the group’s demands, however, J.C. Penney stuck by Ellen, saying that the retailer “shares the same fundamental values.”

We’re glad OMM is “moving on,” but we’re not about to put them on our Christmas list.

Actually, we should thank them: If they hadn’t stirred the hornet’s nest, we never would’ve realized what stylish, sensibly priced clothes JCP has.

And they don’t end their prices in .99!

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