One Million Moms Drops Attack On Ellen, JCPenney. (Still Hates The Gays, Though)

Today One Million Moms—which has neither one million members nor moms, discuss—announced it was abandoning its fatwah against JCPenney for hiring “open homosexual” Ellen DeGeneres as a spokeswoman. (Last month, the group called for the retailer to can the out talk-show host.)

GLAAD reports:

In an interview with Christian news outlet, “One Million Moms” Director Monica Cole says that “other issues require her group’s attention, so OMM is moving on.”

Nearly 50,000 advocates and allies joined GLAAD to #StandUpForEllen and thank J.C. Penney for its support of Ellen after OMM launched its call for the comedian to be fired simply because she’s gay. Despite the group’s demands, however, J.C. Penney stuck by Ellen, saying that the retailer “shares the same fundamental values.”

We’re glad OMM is “moving on,” but we’re not about to put them on our Christmas list.

Actually, we should thank them: If they hadn’t stirred the hornet’s nest, we never would’ve realized what stylish, sensibly priced clothes JCP has.

And they don’t end their prices in .99!

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  • jason

    In my view, the only thing that Ellen really cares about is her income. JC Penney pays her a lot of money.

    If you look at Ellen’s show, she has been an enabler and supporter of homophobes. She has had homophobes on her show, and has promoted them and their careers.

  • prince of snides aka divkid

    yay to their ignoble defeat! really it was a non starter from the off; you can’t go into battle against ellen, it would be like attacking bambi.

    also, love her ‘n’ all but what an unflattering image to use. she looks like she’s channeling ALF.*

    *ask your mom. (doleful sigh)

  • wc1


    /pearlclutch An entertainer earning *money* from an endorsement? Well I NEVER!

    And specific examples of her promoting the careers of homophobes, or GTFO.

  • jason

    Ellen had the homophobic singer Usher on her show. Usher has cast aspersions on male homosexuality, and had already done so before Ellen had him on her show. It was well known that Usher was homophobic.

    There are other examples where Ellen has supported the careers of those who promote homophobia.

    As far as I’m concerned, Ellen is in it for the money. Money, money, money.

  • wc1


    LOL Usher the closet case is your example?

    Ellen is in it for the money – Dude she is a entertainer, should she be doing it for free?

  • Sweetbrandigirl2004

    @jason: Jason you assume to much just because the show is named after her doesn’t mean ELLEN has the lost word on who is on the show or what they’ll talk about. The show has a producer as well its fair share of executives making decisions. ELLEn is an employee and while she has some input the show has to promote new music and movies just like any other talk show.

  • jason


    Well, if Ellen can’t make executive decisions, she’s not worth worshipping. Ignorance is no excuse for someone who claims to be at the forefront of gay awareness in the mainstream media.

    Ellen is quite disgraceful in how she has enabled homophobes on her show.

  • wc1



  • Sweetbrandigirl2004

    @jason: Worshipping ! Really who’s worshipping her ? Jason I’m sure she’s not Ignorant about whop comes on the show and just like everyone else she must do things she’d rather not do so she must interview people and have people on the show she really doesn’t want on the show. I think you need to remember that ELLEN also pushes a lot of L&G causes on her show and that she is an out Lesbian who is hugely popular in the public eye and that goes along way in changing attitudes…. Please tell me why we must attack our own ? Why can’t we find fault were fault exist surely there are others out there who promote hate on a larger scale towards L&G communities

  • JJ Weldon

    @Jason, I’m sorry but tell me one person in this country that has a job is not “in it for the money”??? The only reason I work is for the money! The only reason anyone works is (Let’s all say it together now) FOR THE MONEY!!!! If you don’t like Ellen that’s great and your right, hell she is not my most favorite person in the world either but to say she or anyone is just in it for the money is a ridiculous, ludicrous statement! The fact is she has done alot of good and hey more power to her for getting the chance to do so!

  • Joey

    Can we initiate a boycott on responding to jason’s comments till he says something useful and/or half-way intelligent?

    I realize this comment is technically a violation of that boycott, but really everyone, don’t feed the troll!

  • ~PR~

    Oh snap! You mean I’m supposed to be doing my job for FREE?!!? Jason, you misogynistic and hateful… just as bad as OMM, AFA, Westburro, and the like… you, sir are nothing more than a hatemonger.

  • ~PR~

    @Joey: oops! my bad

  • Rockery



  • evji108

    Man Jason you really are a brainless wonder! You couldn’t have been serious when you said she’s not worth worshiping. Truly you just kidding us all. Does that mean you used to worship her and now you have changed your mind? Celebrities and comedians are just entertainers not Gods and are not required to live up to some artificial standard that you set for them. I think she’s funny and a great lady and I don’t expect her to be perfect in every way and I certainly wouldn’t dream of worshiping her or any other screen or TV personality. She’s doing the best she can, now give her a break.

  • erasure25

    @jason: Aren’t you “in it” for the money too? Can you honestly tell me that you gave never worked for, provided services for, or otherwise made money by associating yourself with a homophobe? I’m fairly certain at least 1 of my co-workers is a homophobe and yet I still work with them on projects and such. Should I quit? Oh hell no gurl!

    Sometimes you have to split work life and personal life. Like Ellen, sometimes I have to work with a homophobe or otherwise support a homophobe on a project so we both make money. In my personal life, obviously I try my best not to support homophobes knowingly. The standard goes for Ellen.

  • Okama

    @~PR~: Well I think that might go just a *little* too far. But I agree in general: When our glorious queen is attacked, we must jump to her defense! Go Ellen! Long live the Queen (and the queens, for that matter)!

  • Aric

    @jason: It’s not well known to anyone if Usher is a homophobe or not.

    For Christ sake who even discusses Usher around the water cooler anymore?

  • the crustybastard

    JASON: Ellen is a woman, and therefore a horrible human being.

    Yes, this is the extent of his “reasoning.” As usual. Really, folks — don’t bother.

  • Belize

    @the crustybastard: LOL. That seriously did NOT cross my mind. I feel enlightened now.

  • Nobody

    Elton John has performed with Eminem (at the height of his “homophobic”-era and at Rush Limbaugh’s wedding. Sometimes homosexual entertainers (or people in general) work with or for homophobes, or perceived homophobes. Maybe it’s for the money. Maybe they’re promoting tolerance. *gasp*

    I hope Ellen does let openly homophobic individuals on her show. It just adds to her grace.

    Aside from that, the argument that she may have nothing to do with it is also valid. Chelsea Handler interviews people on her show occasionally that she OBVIOUSLY doesn’t respect, despite the show being named after her. It happens. Hosts can’t micromanage every detail and still have a life. They have other things to do besides screen every guest’s background and personal views. Besides…to keep things going you need guests that are hot in the mainstream at the moment.

    -_- I don’t even know why I got involved in this. These threads have too much ignorance. I’m going back to studying for my midterm.

  • Hyhybt

    That’s an interesting premise: essentially, that unless your decision-making is strictly based on how someone views gay people, it must automatically be based strictly on money: there cannot possibly ever be any other factors whatsoever.

    It’s an *absurd* premise, mind, but still an interesting one.

    (Speaking of money, the coin is a penny. The store is spelled Penney.)

  • jason

    Ellen allowing homophobic acts on her show is not an act of grace. Rather, it’s an act of either ignorance or stupidity. She’s an idiot who’s in it for the money. Lots of it.

    She not only allowed homophobes on her show, she helped to promote their careers. She’s not having them on her show to quiz them, she’s having them on her show so that they can further their careers.

    Thumbs down to Ellen.

  • CodeBlaze

    @Nobody: with the Eminem, he asked Elton John to sing with him to show that he not Homophobic. it was in VH1 behind the Music : Eminem

  • the crustybastard


    Jason is seriously mentally ill woman-hater. Better his regular creepy, spittle-flecked misogynistic diatribes here on Queerty than going full-Bundy IRL, I suppose. Nonetheless, it’s telling that the Queerty Boy’s Club bans commenters who constantly threadshit racism, but tolerates Jason’s grotesque misogyny in every goddam article that involves a woman.

    Makes the Queerty staff appear more than a little misogynistic themselves. But not racist! (perish the thought.)

    Are you in, or from Belize? Cool place. Got to see a Jabiru stork while I was on the river to Lamanai. Amazing.

  • Karen

    Where can we go to protest against the One Million Mom’s?

  • monique

    Or the show is just trying to be fair. They would be just as morally wrong as homophobes are for bashing on gays if they were to purposely exclude them from the show.

  • Cam

    One Million Mom’s membership is actually closer to forty five thousand.

    They tried to boycott J.C. Penny and failed, and in one fell swoop made that brand cool.

    Now they are attacking Toys R Us for having the ARchie Comic’s there with the gay wedding on the cover.

    They are having even less success than the Baptists did when they tried to boycott Disney over “Gay Day” and attendence at the parks actually INCREASED. LOL

    Businesses should be BEGGING One Million Mom’s to boycott them.

  • anne

    you guys have no life, stop freakin hating

  • Beth

    Sure agree with .28 . Anne…………..get a life! everyone who is against Ellen…are
    All human beings…die for our country in the Military,contribute to society,have feelings just like you and me, but born to live in hell from anti gay, and all who are a little
    different than US! Who would choose to live like that??? So many people think “they” (Gays ) and Transgender people chose their preferences….Be kind, their blood is just as
    red as “regular” people…My son is gay…and the most thoughtful, bright, loving, human being, to everyone….I am very proud of him….So Stop the Hate! Are you afraid it is
    catching? If everyone could just accept and not be judgmental wouldn’t the world be so much better?? answer ….YES!
    Ellen and others, are the bright spot of my day, and take so much heat.
    Let there be more people out there to come out and feel accepted for who they are….

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