REVEALED: Our Secret Agenda To Recruit All Of America’s Children!

We are all America’s children, every one of us born here grew up a child in our schools, taught by what adults said of other political minorities. So before you get pissed at us for writing another article with the “i-word”, don’t worry—even though the National Organization for Marriage and the Concerned Women For American have joined official “hate-group” the Family Research Council in denouncing that article, neither they nor any other anti-gay organizations will print a word of this article. We assure you. Every single word would humiliate them and only encourage their members and the media to see their credibility undermined by their own hypocrisy.

We pissed off members of our community by asking “Can We Just Start Admitting That We Do Actually Want To Indoctrinate Children?” Our critics said that “indoctrinate” is inflammatory word and gives our enemies useful ammo against us. But can we just say:

1) Anti-gay foes have a far better text than our article with which to demonize us decent, hardworking Americans—it’s called the bible. And their ilk has twisted its teachings to keep blacks from marrying whites, Christians from marrying Jews, and other minorities oppressed for centuries. Join the club.

2) Without such deliberately provocative rhetoric, the haters at NOM, the CW4A, and the FRC would never have started paying attention to this blog or our arguments. In the end, their reposts said little more than “SEE?!!! WE WERE RIGHT ABOUT THAT THING WE’VE BEEN SAYING FOR 4 DECADES!.” On the contrary, by reposting that article, they’ve also succeeded in getting their own followers and bigger media outlets to pay attention to every article we’ve posted about them since.

3) For the record, this is not about page views or personal glory. This is about exposing hate groups for the disingenuous, anti-American hypocrites they are. This is about helping give tools and ideas to local equality organizations so we can all fight together. This is about getting national media to start asking the same tough questions we’ve asked of those groups so American citizens can watch their dishonorable lies crumble in their very living rooms. Our provocative article served as the opening volley in our choice to go after them hard until people start asking the same questions we are.

All this seems especially appropriate to bring up on today which is Harvey Milk Day. Milk took the idea of queers wanting to recruit children and threw it back in anti-gay faces with the rallying cry—”I’m here to recruit you!” By “recruit”, he meant, that he wanted to persuade fair, decent Americans to protect their friends and neighbors from the vicious slanderous attacks and discriminatory laws that groups like NOM would use to harm our churches, our children, our communities, and our very lives.

Before we get up in arms with using the word, “indoctrination” let’s see Wikipedia’s definition:

The term indoctrination came to have awkward connotations during the 20th century, but it is necessary to retain it, in order to distinguish it from education. In education one is asked to stand as much as possible outside the body of accumulated knowledge and analyze it oneself. In indoctrination on the other hand, one stands within the body of knowledge and absorbs its teachings without critical thought.

To absorb teaching without critical thought. Hmmm… NOM, CW4A, and the FRC have repeatedly tried to teach everyone that they are pro-family, pro-religion, and pro-child when they want to keep capable adult couples from raising kids, keep churches from marrying their own members, and keep kids rotting in orphanages on the taxpayer dime. These groups would like Americans to absorb their teachings without any critical thought or questioning. So who’s indoctrinating who?

We say, in the rabble rousing spirit of Harvey Milk, let’s do the same with the word “indoctrination.” It’s NOM’s, CW4A’s, and the FRC’s most powerful word against us because it means we wanna brainwash their children. If they call teaching children about LGBTs “indoctrination”, then we wanna “indoctrinate” every child, adult, and elderly American into questioning their so-called “community values.”

Though we have criticized the pro-gay NY Marriage Equality ad for failing to reach the emotional pitch of our opponent’s propaganda, we fully support the hard work and efficacy of all marriage equality advocates. We need people who work on every level of society and every emotional pitch to keep the tide turning against anti-gay bigots. Senators (not voters) will ultimately the fate of NY’s bill. But with Minnesota’s anti-equality ballot coming this next election, Queerty thinks now is the time to take these groups head on and gloves off.

While getting out ideas like the 10 mailers we should be using for marriage equality and messaging like our 10 easy to answer yes/no questions provide useful templates for Minnesota’s equality organizers to pro-actively use, we also plan on interviewing the state’s marriage equality leadership and publications to figure out what strategies will work best and with gay-friendly churches to get their thoughts as well.

A devastating strategist once said, “The victor will never be asked if he told the truth.” And these groups have lied and slandered their way to ballot box victory too many times already. We’ve passed the time for polite reaction; now is the time for bold invective that strikes at the heart of their lies.

Groups NOM, CW4A, AFA, and FRC like are a dinosaur aware of their own impending extinction. Even Focus on the Family’s president James Daly thinks so:

We’re winning the younger generation on abortion, at least in theory. What about same-sex marriage? We’re losing on that one, especially among the 20- and 30-somethings: 65 to 70 percent of them favor same-sex marriage. I don’t know if that’s going to change with a little more age—demographers would say probably not. We’ve probably lost that. I don’t want to be extremist here, but I think we need to start calculating where we are in the culture.

Their attempts to “indoctrinate” the children of America into voting against equality is losing with each new person who comes out. We hope to help deliver the final blows to unblock our march towards full equality that lets committed hardworking adults care for each other, gives kids loving homes, allows churches freedom of religion, and fosters communities not only in word, but action.