Out Now: New Music From Britney, Gaga, Imperial Teen And More!

It was a holly, jolly Christmas for fans of Lady Gaga. The mega-star announced last week that she would be dropping the previously unreleased “Stuck on Fuckin’ You” on Christmas Day.

And, of course, Mother Monster made like Santa and delivered the goods. “Stuck on Fuckin’ You” premiered this weekend, and Gaga had something to say about the track on her official YouTube channel:

Just to give you a little background to the creation of this song: I wrote it on the tour bus in Minnesota after The Monster Ball. We recorded it in one shot—Fernando on guitar, Paul on drum machine. I wrote [it and] sang it and freestyled the last minute-and-a-half of the song.”

The song has the same kind of bluesy vibe as the Country Road version of “Born This Way” and the rough-hewn quality of “Teeth.”

I approve.

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In other Christmas-miracle news, a mysterious new Britney Spears track made its way onto the YouTubes this weekend as well! The previously unheard song is called “Strangest Love,” and no one seems to know whether it’s a demo, an unreleased b-side, a prematurely leaked new single or, you know, a gift from God.


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I’m not a big fan of year-end lists  so I won’t bore you with what I thought were 2011’s musical standouts. No, I’m more interested in looking ahead to 2012, and there are two recently announced albums you should get psyched for in the months ahead.

First there’s Imperial Teen’s long-awaited fifth album, Feel the Sound, coming at the end of January. The first single, “Runaway,” actually features all four members of the band— Roddy Bottum, Lynn Perko Truell, Will Schwartz and Jone Stebbins—on vocals.

And in February, Brooklyn noise-pop duo Sleigh Bells unleash their sophomore album, Reign of Terror. Here’s the lead single, “Born to Lose,” to whet your whistle.