Out-Of-State Gay Nups OK in Mass As Patrick Signs 1913 Repeal

It’s official! Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick signed a measure repealing a 1913 law that prohibited out-of-state homos from getting hitched in the Bay State. This means, of course, that all you engaged gays can cross the line and take the plunge.

Patrick told the gathered crowd that the proves the true meaning of equality:

…In Massachusetts equal means equal. Today by repealing the nearly century old law, we affirm the right of same-sex couples from out of state to marry in Massachusetts; to enjoy all of the protections of our good laws. Today by repealing this law we continue to lead the way as a national leader. Today by repealing this law we have affirmed the Democratic principle that all people come before their government as equals.

In addition to repealing the 1913 law, Patrick also signed the MassHealth Equality Bill, which gives queer couples the same Medicaid benefits as their straight counterparts.