Out There: Being Lee Tamahori: The Game


• We promise that once you start, you won’t be able to stop playing this game. Forget solitaire, “Let’s Go Cruisin’ With Lee Tamahori” might just be the computer game that gets you fired from your office job. [Secondsphere via Defamer]

• The next cycle of America’s Next Top Model doesn’t begin until next month. Until then we have America’s Top Cock. [Ruff And Hot]

• There was enough homoeroticism in A Rebel Without A Cause without a kiss between James Dean and Sal Mineo. Still a little guy on guy lip action would have been really, really hot. [Queer Day]

• We don’t see what the big deal with gay kisses is in the first place. [NBC]

Brokeback Mountain has been banned in United Arab Emirates which means new resident Michael Jackson is out of luck if he wants to take in a showing. [Gay.com]