Out There: RuPaul Blows Michael Lucas

• “Focus on the Family has closed all its Wells Fargo accounts because the San Francisco bank contributed to a gay rights group that promised to use the funds to ‘fight … the anti-gay industry,’” reports the San Francisco Chronicle. We think maybe it’s time to start doing business with Wells. Thanks Lara.

• Salon reveals that the right-wing Christian whack jobs will not protest Brokeback Mountain this weekend. Instead they are choosing to ignore it hoping not to contribute to the old adage that all PR is good PR.

lucas and ru

Michael Lucas on his penis and getting blown away by RuPaul in her new film: “I owe all my success to that big penis of mine, and without it, I am nothing but an aging retarded man from communist Russia.” He said it, not us!

• Made In Brazil has readers voting for Fotolog of the Year. Oh My God. Oh My God. Oh My God.

Two women are suing Walt Disney Co., NBC Universal, supermodel Heidi Klum and others, claiming the concept of Project Runway was theirs and that they presented the idea to Klum’s people in 2003. They must have missed the first season.