PA Gay Hate Crime Law Struck Down

As children, we’re taught that good always vanquishes evil. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case.

Evangelical schmuck Michael Marcavage and his right wing pals are celebrating after Pennsylvania’s Supreme Court struck down a gay inclusive amendment
to the state’s hate crimes law:

Along with six other member of his Repent America organization, Marcavage sued a handful of state officials, including Gov. Ed Rendell, claiming the law was passed in violation of the Pennsylvania Constitution.

In its ruling last week, the Supreme Court essentially signed on to the opinion authored by Commonwealth Court Judge James Gardner Collins.

Collins said the bill signed into law by then Gov. Mark Schweiker in December 2002 “did not retain its original purpose as it moved through the enactment process.”

In its original form, House Bill 1493 addressed “agricultural vandalism” and the “criminal offense of agricultural crop or livestock destruction.” By the time it reached Schweiker, however, the bill had been gutted and rewritten to broaden the state’s hate crime law.

While some people would take their victory and be done with it, Marcavage vowed to take his crusade elsewhere, saying:

In a nation that is becoming increasingly hostile toward Biblical Christianity, we remain vigilant as the Pennsylvania Legislature will most likely attempt to pass another ‘hate crimes’ bill and are continuing to educate the American people on the significant dangers of such laws.

Oh, yeah, the “danger” of protecting people from violent wretches. What a sin…