Palm Springs Police Chief David Dominguez Was ‘Offended’ Watching Gay Men Get Frisky In Public

In 31 years, I’ve never seen anything like that in public … I was taken aback … and was offended about that occurring in public and it bothered me. It was not directed at anybody, but it came out and it was wrong.

—David Dominguez, the Palm Springs police chief who spent his last day on the job after 31 years of service testifying in the Warm Sands sex sting case on Friday, acknowledged to the court he called the gay men he witnessed “dirty, filthy MF-ers,” but he wasn’t being a homophobe or anything [via]

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  • Qjersey

    I live in small city with big young straight bar scene. I have seen guys getting blow, girls getting fingering and both men and women urinating in public between parked cars. Trust me, gay men aren’t doing anything straight people aren’t doing, you just have to know where to look. Like out my front window.

  • christopher di spirito

    David Dominguez looks just like Edward James Olmos. It’s uncanny.

    In any event, if he was offended, why was he watching?

  • ron

    “Offended” = got hard as a rock.

  • mark c

    Shouldn’t cops just be profressional?
    By which I mean that different ethnic groups, different economic groups, different sexual groups merit the same consideration as his and his employees if they were to stopped?
    Why can’t we all just expect the exact same treatment by cops as cops would expect if they were stopped?

  • McMike

    Yup, offended, disgusted as in “I’m so offended and disgusted I’m being turned on so much by it.”

    btw, where exactly was he in the park that he could just peer out and see the sex going on. I’m no late-night park troller (mainly because there isn’t one around my house) but it seems to me you’d have to be looking very hard and around many corners to see anything happening.

  • Kev C

    This is why Florida cops need telescopic night-vision cameras, special undercover cruising outfits, rigorous training in gay signal codes, dress codes, pick up lines and small talk.

    Beccause public sex in remote places at 3:00 AM is a misdemeanor!

  • hf2hvit

    He wasn’t offended by what he saw. He was offended by the increasing odors of his mantuna while he watched and watched and watched and watched and…

  • ewe

    “dirty filthy beaner” Oops did i say that? I didn’t mean it.

  • ewe

    Kiss the boo boo away. Awl betta.

  • adman

    I love it when people who live for punishing others get to the self delusional stage openly. You just take notes, and point out what real punishment is and why it is enacted, then show them your notes. The reveal is the best part. Little boys trying and succeeding at conforming their way to the top while remaining boyish on the inside is just freaky anyway. Do we really need to be exposed to him?
    Chief, report to domestic abuse duty immediately, the dog needs kicking! That’s an order small soldier!!!

  • Jim

    @christopher di spirito:

    Are you kidding? He looks vaguely, at that’s pushing it, like Edward James Olmos.

    Olmos Today:

    Olmos 20 Years Ago:


  • Cam

    he’s NEVER seen anything like it? Give me a break. Lets see…just HOW many women in large cities complain every year about getting grobed, harassed, or molested by straight guys whenever there is some parade or event? Whatever THIS guy claims to have seen…most likely some hand holding, it was no doubt consensual.

  • Francis

    At the end of the day, he’s a professional, and he needs to behave like one. He didn’t and he’s gone. Boo hoo to him.

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