Parsons Pulls The Plug On John Galliano’s Master Class, Won’t Employ Hate Crime Convicts

t1larg.galliano.portman.giParsons the New School for Design announced on Tuesday that it has pulled the plug on a string of classroom discussions held by famed designer John Galliano, originally scheduled to take place in the coming weeks. The school received a number of complaints—including an online petition with over 2,000 signatures—to bar Galliano from the institution in light of the anti-Semitic remarks that got him fired from Dior two years ago.

According to Reuters, students from the school complained that it should not employ someone who had been convicted of a hate crime.

In a statement released to the press, Deborah Kirschner, a spokeswoman for the school, said “We could not reach consensus with Mr. Galliano on the conditions of this conversation, and the program could not move forward.”

A source close to the school told The New York Times that talks had fallen through not because of Galliano’s tarnished reputation, but issues related to the size and audience of the classes.

Still, we imagine those hateful remarks will follow Mr. Galliano to his grave. Kudos to the fashion industry for standing up against hate.

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  • Ruhlmann

    It’s time to get off this guys back. He spent a few minutes in his life attention seeking while he was drunk. It was stupid, mean and surprisingly ignorant but some won’t be happy until he’s in a gutter. Is this “standing up against hate”?

  • Harley

    @Ruhlmann: YES!

  • Cam


    Oh yes, lets never forget that the guy telling others “Too bad Hitler Missed You” is the real victim here.

  • Ruhlmann

    @Cam: Okay you’ve justified pissing venom at him. Do you feel better or morally superior? Is your life as lonely and pathetic as his must be just now? Knock yourself out.


    I’m with Alan Rickman. Who amongst us hasn’t said something vile and hurtful only to realize that we were wrong and take the steps to see things in a new light? Galliano apologized, sought counseling, etc. I think Parsons missed an opportunity to give a brilliant designer like Galliano a renewed sense of purpose and direction.

  • fashionmi

    Marc Jacobs destroyed Galliano’s career. He was always jealous of him. Jacobs cruelly tortures a talented young girl called Angel Barta. He stole her designes and fooled her with love. Read the story with evidences on: styleangelique. blogspot. com

  • balehead

    Galliano is a genius…too bad the pc’s win with their mediocre hypocrazy agian…

  • balehead


  • balehead

    Marc Jacobs has said alot worse ….

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