Rome's Mayor Leads Call For Further Investigation

Pasolini Murder Case To Reopen?

Homo hooker Pino Pelosi spent nine years in jail for the 1975 murder of gay Italian filmmaker Pier Paolo Pasolini. Upon his release two years, however, Pelosi promised he didn’t do it. He refuses, however, to say who did.

Now, Rome Mayor Walter Veltroni urging police to look into the openly gay director’s death. Veltroni and 700 other concerned citizens claim politics motivated die hard communist Pasolini’s murder…

The Times elaborates:

They say that Pasolini was killed because he was about to reveal a political cover-up of murder and corruption in the international oil business.

Pasolini, the left-wing director of The Gospel According to St Matthew and The Canterbury Tales, was bludgeoned to death in November 1975 and run over repeatedly with his car at the beach resort of Ostia, near Rome. It was assumed at the time that the attack was related to Pasolini’s overt homo-sexuality and involvement in the gay scene in Rome.

“It is right that new light should be shed on a murder that robbed Rome, Italy and the world of such a major figure,” Mr Veltroni said yesterday. As a communist student in the 1960s and 1970s he met Pasolini frequently.

Pasolini definitely had his fair share of enemies. In addition to The Gospel According to St. Matthew, Pasolini directed the beautiful – yet exceedingly demented – Salo, Or 120 Days in Sodom, which is based on the work of the Marquis de Sade. The movie proved to be so disturbingly violent and sexual, many countries banned it. The flick infuriated many Italians for its portrayal of sadistic fascists. It also gave us nightmares.