'Palm Beach Post' Displeased

Pelosi Won’t Aid Foley Investigators

Mark Foley still hasn’t been properly investigated for his salacious exchanges with underage Congressional pages.

The case hit a roadblock last summer when House lawyers refused to turn over Foley computers. Hoping to cut through the red tape, Florida Department of Law Enforcement officials asked House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to grant them access. She refused. Instead, Pelosi passed the matter on to the House Office of General Counsel. Said a spokesman: “The speaker referred the commissioner’s request to the House Office of General Counsel, and that response is the response of the House.”

The Palm Beach Post ain’t happy with Pelosi’s shenanigans – the editors published a scathing letter this morning, which reads:

Rep. Pelosi should allow the FDLE access. Foley should be allowed to declare which files he thinks are protected. If a judge agrees, those files would be withheld.

A lawmaker’s legislative materials should be off-limits. But we already know that Foley sent all those lewd messages to former pages. In a milder exchange, he said of a teenager’s shorts, “Love to slip them off of you.” That remark has nothing to do with lawmaking. The public deserves to know whether it had to do with law-breaking.

And, if nothing else, Foley’s guilty of supremely tacky lameness: “Love to slip them off of you”? Who says that?!