Penguins Marched To Nonfiction Section

Tango MakesThree

Like everyone else who shelled out nine bucks for March of the Penguins, we fell in love with the cutesy creatures as soon as they showed up onscreen. We even thought that the movie’s filmmakers walking up on stage at last night’s Academy Awards to accept their golden boys with stuffed animal versions of the birds was absolutely adorable! So we have a soft spot for loveable little animals, ok?

But it seems that not everyone likes penguins. A kid’s book, And Tango Makes Three, a true story about two male penguins raising baby penguin, was recently pulled out of the children’s section and re-shelved in nonfiction (read: the adults only section).

Barbara Read, the Rolling Hills’ director, said experts report that adoptions aren’t unusual in the penguin world. However, moving the book to the nonfiction section would decrease the chance that it would “blindside” readers.

Like children aren’t going to be “blindsided” once they stumble upon their dad’s secret porn collection. We know we were. And we’ve hated Playboy magazine ever since.

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