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Pentagon Announces 3 Months Of DADT Repeal Training: Who Will Lead Each Base’s First Drag Show?

Tomorrow Pentagon officials will announce they’re giving each of the country’s four military branches some three months to prepare for the final, certified repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, where gays will be able to serve openly without risk of being discharged (though not without risk of being discriminated against; the military has no policy banning it). Troops will be taught how to handle new personnel and recruiting procedures, like whether partners of gay troops will receive health benefits (doubtful?) or be able to live on base (maybe?). “According to officials,” the AP reports, “the training will be broken into three categories. One will be for administrators and other leaders who will have to be able to answer detailed questions about the new policy. The second will be for senior commanders who will have to enforce the policies and also be on the lookout for signs of unease or problems among service members. The third group will be the general training for the troops. That is the one that is expected to be the most difficult to complete because service members are scattered around the world, and many are in various phases of deployment to war or heading home.” And it’s not like the Pentagon can just send a Some eCard to these folks and tell ’em to stop being scared of the Gays. Once Obama and Gates and Mullen certify repeal, the law dies sixty days later. And you can all start letting your wrists go limp, yahoo!