People Apparently Love To Imagine Mike Pence As A Secret Gay Adult Film Star

It all started with this meme:


It’s a side-by-side image of Mike Pence and retired gay adult film star Brad Patton. The picture began making the rounds on social media late last week, receiving thousands of likes and shares on Twitter and Facebook. Despite the fact that these are clearly two very different people, that didn’t prevent some folks from questioning if Mike Pence had a secret gay porn past:

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The rumors were quickly debunked, however, when one internet sleuth tracked down the original photo of Batton, who retired from the industry and became a competitive male figure skater in 2008. It was discovered on an ancient Myspace profile belonging to fellow performer Martin Mazza:


Others pointed out that, in his younger years, Pence was actually a brunette, as evidenced by this 1988 campaign flyer:


So, just so everyone is totally, 100 percent clear, Mike Pence does not have a secret gay porn past… that we known of. Donald Trump‘s Supreme Court pick, William Holcombe “Bill” Pryor Jr., may be another story, however.

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