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Peter + Hazelmary Bull Will Have To Close Their Homophobic Hotel If They Lose In Court

Peter and Hazelmary Bull, my favorite hotel-owning couple, claim they might have to close their hotel in the U.K. if a court forces them to let homosexual guests sleep in the same room together. Allow me to get the plywood for the windows!

Having claimed they were set up by the British advocacy group Stonewall for violating the country’s equality laws that bar sexual orientation discrimination by businesses, the Bulls insist that if Martyn Hall and Steven Preddy — who were turned away from Chymorvah Private Hotel when the owners learned they were an unmarried (although civil union’d) gay couple — succeed in their discrimination lawsuit, it’ll be the end of the seven-room hotel in Marazion.

Which is really a blow to local small businesses, isn’t it? After all, Hall and Preddy are only seeking a maximum £5,000 damages claim against the couple, and I know the Bulls wanted to use that cash to pay for new crucifixes about each bed.