The plot thickens

Pharmacist may have murdered wife to cash in on insurance policy and run off with his male lover

Shocking new details have emerged in the case involving the closeted pharmacist accused of killing his unsuspecting wife.

37-year-old Mitesh Patel is charged with murdering his wife, Jessica, at their lavish home in the posh suburb of Linthorpe, Middlesbrough earlier this year. His trial kicked off this week.

Yesterday, it was revealed just how Patel allegedly killed the wife. And it’s pretty gruesome.

“Jessica Patel had been killed as a result of pressure being brought to bear on her neck,” prosecuting attorney Nicholas Campbell told the court. “She was strangled.”

“A plastic shopping bag, ironically a Tesco Bag For Life, was used both as a ligature and to suffocate her.”

The court also heard that Patel, who was originally treated as a witness, initially told police he had been out on a walk when he returned home to find the house burglarized and his wife dead.

But police became suspicious when they noticed three scratches on his neck. They became even more suspicious when the hard drive for the house CCTV security system was found hidden in a suitcase of clothes buried under a mattress.

So they began investigating him as a suspect.

They quickly learned that Patel he had been cheating on his wife with multiple guys he met on Grindr. At first, they thought that may have been his motivation for murdering her.

Then they learned he had recently taken out $2 million worth of life insurance policies in Jessica’s name.

“He was planning to use the money to start a new life in Australia and that life would be shared with the person who he really loved,” Campbell told the court, “one who he regarded as his soul mate–another man.”

Campbell also said investigators uncovered internet searches on Patel’s computer dating back five years that explored how much insulin was needed to kill a healthy non-diabetic.

In addition to that, they found internet searches for “Life after loss of spouse”, “The death of spouse, rebuilding your life after the first year”, and “How do I arrange a funeral”.

The trail continues…