Philippe Starck Dreams Of Space

French design visionary Philippe Starck really shoots for the stars.

In addition to designing Mexico’s space port for Richard Branson‘s Virgin Galactic, Starck has been commissioned to design a new, more fashionable space suit. Don’t expect any clunky helmuts or cumbersome padding, however. Like so many of his designs, Starck’s suit screams “stream-lined”:

The whole style of the rocket on the inside, the clothes and accessories, I have tried to make the most immaterial as possible. The style is dematerialization.

Starck finds the idea of material so vulgar, NY Times‘ Eric Wilson explains, that he originally envisioned Virgin Galactic’s passengers naked.

As Virgin Galactic gears up for its first flight, Starck also struck a deal with Louis Vuitton to design a line of space age. Starck kept his trap shut on the details, but Wilson writes:

Starck would only hint at what they are developing: something made of transparent materials, roomy enough for cosmic incidentals so that an astronaut could strap it onto a spacesuit and not look lame.

Who knew the future would be so fashionable?