PHOTO: American Apparel Includes Trans Model In Slutty Clothing Ads For Pride Month

It’s a victory, of sorts: Long known for its sexually suggestive ads and billboards, American Apparel has added trans model Isis King (above) to a current Pride month campaign spotlighting its line of equality tees.

King, a former America’s Next Top Model contestant, is the first trans person the hipster retail outlet has featured in its ads, which sometimes border on jailbait porn. (Hey, so long as everyone’s legal we ain’t complaining.)

In addition, 15% of proceeds will benefit GLAAD and AA employees will march in Pride events around the country.

“We’re super-proud to support LGBT Pride again this year and partner with GLAAD in these events,” AA creative director Marsha Brady.  “It’s time for everyone, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity, to accept each other and thrive in harmony. We hope everyone comes out and joins us.”

Really? Her name is Marsha Brady? Wow, her parents were assholes.


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