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PHOTOS: 25 mens fashion ads from the ‘70s celebrate the decade of the crotch

For a long time, it was popular to hate on 1970s styles for men: big collars, high waists, and tight crotches had fallen out of fashion. But the trend cycle can’t be stopped, and these once reviled looks are back, and in a big, big way.

The ‘70s expanded on trends of the previous decades. They took the bright palette of the ‘50s and the long-haired look of the ‘60s and turned them up to 11, giving rise to a variety of iconic styles. From the tie-dye and bell-bottoms of the hippie, to the ruffles and bold colors of the so-called “peacock revolution,” to the androgyny and revealing cuts of the glam rocker, every aesthetic of the era was totally groovy, baby.

But what really sets the ‘70s style apart is the fit. Every outfit was tight in all the wrong (right?) places. The men of this decade had no fear of a moose knuckle — even when fully clothed, their assets were always on display, and we’re not complaining.

Now, in the 2020s, ‘70s styles like flared pants, loud patterns, and skin-tight tops are finally back in fashion (thank you, Harry Styles!). There’s no better way to see what’s in store for the future than to look back to the past, particularly the advertisements of the era. These ads, for everything from jumpsuits to bell-bottoms to underwear, are certainly eye-catching, whether you think they’re fashion faux pas or the epitome of style.

Now, take a look back at the ads of the era to see if you’re buying what they’re selling…