PHOTOS: This Behavior At Gay Bars Absolutely Needs To Stop


There’s something we need to get off our chests. It’s about this growing practice of people in bars and clubs sticking out their tongues and/or licking each other’s faces on camera. Seriously, WTF?

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You’re probably thinking: Do people really do that? The answer is: YES. They do! ALL the time. And we have galleries and galleries of images to prove it. The world over, people who would normally be attractive are voluntarily choosing to uglify themselves by extending their tongues as far out of their mouths as they possibly can.


We asked Jake Myers, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist based in Los Angeles, what he thought about this unsettling trend.

“It’s a universal phenomena for many to want to stick out their tongue or lick someone’s face for a photo when at a bar,” Myers explains. “From a psychological perspective, many people find a ‘safety’ from being goofy in a moment that might otherwise be vulnerable for them.”

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Myers continues, “Being at a bar can often bring up insecurities. Being ‘silly’ with one’s tongue, even if one is doing it unconsciously, can create a mask to hide behind. Especially if a moment is about to be captured digitally, wearing that mask protects one from a potentially intimate moment. At times, however, it can also just be a way to prove to yourself and others, ‘look, I’m having fun!”

Don’t believe this whole tongue/facing licking thing is a problem? Scroll down and see for yourselves…



















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  • Josh447

    My little sister when asked why people lick each others faces for pics said, “cuz they like each other!” And she didn’t have to get a multi million dollar psyche degree to figure it out.

  • radagastthe3rd

    Queerty is so judgmental of people who are just trying to have some fun.

  • Bauhaus

    This behavior is universal.

  • MacAdvisor

    If this become a problem I worry about, I will live in a wonderful world.

  • ChuckF

    Has anyone thought that they might just be having fun? Silliness is good for the soul.

  • robho3

    This is odd. I guess I’m just old. The other thing I hate is when they pucker their lips like they just ate a sour lemon. I think people think this stuff is sexy…. Idk to me it looks stupid.

  • JAW

    LOL… and I thought the answer was going to be… Out of control Bachelorette parties

    They REALLY have to STOP!


  • Aromaeus

    Pierced tongues are so disgusting.

  • michel_banen

    Since when does Queerty think they can set standards ? If people have fun, they have fun. don’t like the photos ? Don’t watch.

  • The End

    But I guess you’re OK with people being almost naked and all over each other in clubs? But yew, people with their tongues out or kicking each other, that’s what needs a whole article.

  • Josh447

    Jack Meoff

    Don’t be too hard on Brian, he reports everything his bright pink blow up doll tells him. He still lives in a facility and only has rare moments of lucidity.
    But he does show strong tendencies for deep bonding with polyurethane, so we are all hopeful for his progress.

  • ErikO

    Drunk people who want attention do all sort of silly things.

  • LucasH

    I disagree, Queerty. The more tongue, the merrier, I say!

  • graphicjack

    Why are people doing this so much now? Two words. Miley Cyrus. Duh.

  • He BGB

    I don’t know which is worse the face getting that tongue (who knows where it’s been) or the tongue (who knows where it’s been?)

  • DCguy

    Better this than duck faces for photos.

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