PHOTOS: Brian Justin Crum and Samer Fawaz invite you into their gorgeous home

Out musician Brian Justin Crum and beauty talent manager Samer Fawaz hit it off quickly, and the fairly new couple has wasted no time in piecing together their ideal home.

The design-conscious duo recently paired up with photographer David Zimmerman for a photo shoot to christen their gorgeous 1920s Spanish-style abode.

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They gave a behind-the-scenes look on Queerty’s Instagram story:


Scroll down to see how the shoot turned out:

“This home is a visual representation of my personality. I appreciate beauty in all forms and have naturally cultivated this sanctuary for myself and those who I love to share in.” — Samer

“Falling in love with Samer has opened my eyes to a whole new level of the beauty that surrounds me. His eye for design and love of all things green has been incredibly inspiring to me, and my art. Living in this space that he has spent years curating is an honor and I’m so proud to be a part of it.” – BJC

“I’m always on the search for rare and unique plants but had no more room to for them — this lead to the creation of the greenhouse / plant jewel box. My good friend Gabriel Wartofsky designed it and we collaborated on colors and finished. It’s now constantly evolving world and it brings me so much joy and fulfillment.” — Samer

Find them on Instagram: Samer Fawaz (@samerfwz) // Brian Justin Crum (@brianjustincrum) // David Zimmerman (@davidgeorgezimmerman)