PHOTOS: Fancy-Dress Queers Plan Their Halloween Costumes

Two hundred years ago, Betsy Ross sewed a ghost costume for George Washington, who wanted to scare Benjamin Franklin. And thus, Halloween was born.

These days, the holiday has shed its patriotic origins, and is now the one day of the year when Americans dress oddly and gorge themselves on unhealthy food.

So, with two(ish) weeks to go before the big day, what are you going to be for Halloween? Are you crafting an elaborate Rocketeer getup? Sexy Gloria Steinem? Fred the Baker? Persuading two friends to dress up as Froakie and Chespin to your Fennekin?

This weekend we popped over to John, the fancy-dress dance party at Akbar in Silver Lake, to find out how the dapper dudes and dames will disguise themselves. Their answers may surprise you. (Or may not. Whatever.)


Ryan and Natashia are going to be King Tut and a Spartan.



We were entirely transfixed by Corey’s glasses, but we were able to break his spell for long enough to learn that he’s going to dress up as “something” to see Empire of the Sun, and Kyle is going to be Jareth, the Goblin King.



Jamine and Demetric have no time for costumes! There’s candy to eat.



Photographer Jeremy Lucido, who throws the party in question, might be a mechanic this year. HOT.

His associate, Thor, is going to be the Dowager Countess from Downton Abbey. EVEN HOTTER.



Michelle’s about to unveil her Sailor Moon costume. Presumably Jon will be Tuxedo Mask.



And the prize for most political costumes goes to Alex and Grant, who will be a cat named Chairman Meow and John Boehner, respectively.



We respect anyone who can come up with a costume we’ve never seen before, which is why we are so impressed by Eva’s plan to be a sexy Bob’s Big Boy. Her friend, who claims to be named Wally, has a neck tattoo.



“Gabby and Hoover” sounds like the title of a animated French-Canadian children’s show, but it is actually what these two people are named. Gabby is planning to be a smoky-eyed Cleopatra.

Did you know that it’s a myth that Egyptians smeared coal dust around their eyes? It’s a common misconception, since the substance that they actually (probably) used was kohl, a powder made of lead or antimony. We don’t know why we’re telling you this, other than that we think it’s neat.



Our new friends Cupcake, Brian and Jake are all quite dashing. We can’t wait to see Cupcake’s Poison Ivy costume.



Alaina and Sandrine aren’t wearing Halloween costumes. At least, that’s what they say.



Robert and Thaddeus informed us that they’re going to be matching woodsmen, and then we fainted.



Hello Miss Honey Bee! Looking fine as always. Girl hasn’t made up her mind yet: Apollonia or Prince?



These two cuties are Noel and Carlos. Carlos is thinking about going as Chun-Li. YES GIRL.



We are powerless to resist the smoldering smiles of Jose and his two Jorges. Of the three, Jose is the only one contemplating a costume: he’ll be in Greece on the 31st, so maybe he’ll wear a toga. That shouldn’t earn him any weird looks at all.