PHOTOS: Geraldo Rivera And Other Men Of A Certain Age Not Ashamed To Show Some Skin


When the world stopped spinning yesterday, we first thought it was just our typical Sunday hangover finally coming to a halt. But we quickly learned that it was veteran newsman Geraldo Rivera who temporarily knocked Earth off its axis because he had something to share with the world. At this time, we’re still unsure why Rivera decided to share (or over-share, depending on your take) a selfie in his bathroom mirror with nary a stitch on his person, just a strategically-placed towel for modesty’s sake. His message the accompanied the photo (“70 is the new 50. Erica and family are going to be so pissed…but at my age…”) indicates justifiable pride in this slim torso. Rivera has since deleted the photo, saying “Note to self: no tweeting after 1 am.” Fair enough. But, deleted or not, it’s too late, because the now-infamous shot already had us meditating about other men of a certain age who aren’t afraid to show a little skin. In no particular order, here are some male celebs over 50 who aren’t afraid to show off what their mamas gave them (well, gave them 50 or more years ago), but still… Rock on, gents!

Eddie Murphy

Eddie Murphy 

Looking sufficiently pensive (and properly posed?) 52-year-old funnyman Murphy has a lot more going on under those pesky clothes than we we ever realized.

Sean Penn

Sean Penn

This Oscar winner (52) is not afraid to strut his buff at the beach. Can you blame him?


Liam Neeson

You gotta respect a man who will take it off for a cause! Liam (61) stripped into his skivvies on Ellen to raise money for breast cancer awareness.


Sylvester Stallone

The across-decades action hero and multi-hyphenate star keeps fit for filming (Expendables 2) at the ripe and ripped age of 67.

 Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks

Sure the multiple Oscar winner (57) only gives us a taste of what’s cooking sans clothing, but sometimes it’s the tease that’s sexiest, Tom.



John Stamos

Uncle Jesse (he probably loathes that we still think of him in that way) turns 50 in just a few weeks and we’re still swooning like teenage girls.


Marc Jacobs

The fashion designer lost a boatload of lbs. back in 2006, and now he’s never shy about flaunting his fit-at-50 bod in skimpy swimsuits at beaches ‘round the globe.


Barck Obama

We salute you, Mr. President (52 next month), for keeping it classy when you vacay.


Simon Cowell

We’ve grown accustomed to seeing his chesticles’ silhouette in those tight black T’s, but  seeing Simon (53) shirtless brings it all into focus.

Jon Bon Jovi goes shirtless as he enjoys a day on the beach with wife Dorothea Hurley in St. Barths

Bon Jovi

Gone may be the days of his big hair glamour, but at 51 Bon Jovi can still rock our world.


Regis Philbin

The former talk show host and current octogenarian (he’ll be 82 next month, people!) flexes his guns and his smile and puts many of us younger guns to shame.

 tom cruise filming 071010

Tom Cruise

Tommy took it off for filming during Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol, and while we may not get his giddy-in-underwear dance moves of films past we’ll say things ain’t too shabby at 51.