PHOTOS: Inside The Intimate World Of Trans And Queer Men

Queer photographer Jess T. Dugan works against stereotypes that objectify queer and trans folk, portraying her models as gentle and contemplative. There’s an element of sexuality to her photography; it’s just not the main point.

We learned of Dugan while checking out images of trans men and fell in love with her beautiful photos. Her work has been exhibited at galleries nationwide and in permanent collections. Two of Jess’ photos were recently purchased by the Birmingham Museum of Art, notable because the museum’s queer holdings are lacking–until now.

Here are few of Dugan’s photos from two of her collections: Every Breath We Drew and Transcendence II. Many of Dugan’s subjects are queer or trans identified, asking us to think about the construction of identity in a multifaceted way.

Scroll down to see just a few of our favorites. And check out the rest of Dugan’s work at