PHOTOS: Kentucky (Derby) Fried Men Sizzle In Seersucker

Nothing inspires more pastel pants, colorful bow ties, and seersucker (not to mention crazy hats and cigar smoking) than the good ol’ Kentucky Derby. Last weekend marked the 140th year of the Louisville horse-racing tradition, and the crowds were bigger than ever.

As we’ve mentioned before, men riding stallions are way hot. But so are the well-dressed men who watch the men riding stallions.

Scroll down to see photos of preppy men sporting classic Kentucky Derby fashion.

Photo credit: APopOfStyle

Photo credit: Pastel Grass

Photo credit: The Kentucky Gent

Photo credit: ThePersonalTouch

Photo credit: BoysLife

Photo credit: The Kentucky Derby

Photo credit: ItsABridesLife

Photo credit: MarylandPrepster

Photo credit: RockPaperInk

Photo credit: Fashion At The Races

Photo credit: SouthernVA

Photo credit: SheSaidBeauty

Photo credit: TheWellDressedMen

Photo credit: WTKR

Photo credit: The Pastel Prince

Photo credit: MensStylePro

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  • B Damion

    The last 2 pics are my style for sure.!

  • Ogre Magi

    I see some young stallions I would like to ride (and by ride i mean have sex with)

  • Alan down in Florida

    Is it just me or does this look like a Polo by Ralph Lauren advertisement?

  • B Damion

    @Ogre Magi …..LMAO…stupid bitch!

    @Alan down in Florida …Nailed it!

  • jckfmsincty

    There is nothing like Kentucky Derby week in Louisville.

  • Blackceo

    YES!!!!!!! This is totally my spring/summer dress up style. I particularly like the first picture (except take off that stupid baseball hat), the guy in the yellow pants and navy blue blazer with the green button down and tie, the three guys in the hats, the guy in the pink shirt (although he should’ve buttoned up one more), and the guys in the off white/cream suits (except the guy on the left should’ve had his tailored better). Please fellas have a tailor. Nothing worse than a suit that wears the man instead of the man wearing the suit.

    The last guy’s outfit is sharp on him, but the jacket is not my style. Loving his pants and the fit of the pants. Loving his shoes, but I would’ve picked a solid colored blazer.

  • RayJacksonMs

    Horse racing is an awful abuseful event. Don’t promote anything to do with this garbage. They abuse horses until they can’t use them any more then they send to to slaughter in Canada and Mexico the next week. They also use nurse mare. They impregnate a lesser quality horse. Then when her baby is born they take it away and send it to slaughter. They then force her to nurse a higher quality horse’s foal. The following link shows some of the baby horses just one rescue currently has. They announced the other day they were full and couldn’t take any more until some are adopted. Any babies that other rescues can’t take will be killed.

  • RayJacksonMs

    What the hell. How is an old link coming up when I know I have the right one? I copied the same link into another browser. And why can’t you delete or edit comments on here? Anyway, go to youtube and search for A Visit to Last Chance Corral Foal Rescue.

  • stranded

    Fourth picture down, the guy with the pork pie hat. That was basically my style in high school, but way more thrift store looking.

  • Merv

    I got my seersucker suit at Cox… or was it my c*cksucker suit at Sears?

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