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  • Thomas Maguire

    Does anyone under the age of 40 play softball?

  • spaceman_three

    Dear Thomas,

    I’m sorry to break this to you, lad, but yes, there are many many active young men who participate in softball. Not all gay men are attracted to the vapid “25 and under” group. Men, beautiful men, come in all shapes, sizes and ages and shouldn’t be limited to the hairless, fake-bronzed, emaciated, Ryan Seacrest-wannabe, drunkard, cocktail wielding bar-types. And more to the point: you will be 40 one day; hope you can handle it.

  • doomsday1038

    wow I’m in chicago and didn’t know this was going on.

  • Tim

    Go Knoxville Bears and Cyclones!!!!!

  • mdthom

    Go DC Disturbance. DC hosts the games in 2013.

  • Ryan

    Correction. The games aren’t actually being held in Chicago, they are taking place at various fields in the burbs….

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