PHOTOS: Rihanna Named Queen Of West Hollywood Halloween Carnival

PHOTOS: On Halloween night, Pop princess Rihanna was the guest of honor at the West Hollywood Halloween Carnival, where she was crowned queen and feted by White Party promoter Jeffrey Sanker. RiRi got a special treat that night: Her mother, Monica Braithwaite, flew into town for the 500,000-strong celebration.

Photos: Phil Lobel/Lobeline Communications


Rihanna with mom Monica Braithwaite

Rihanna gives Jeffrey Sanker a peck on the cheek


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  • kayakriver

    what has Rihanna ever done for the gay community? nothing. don’t promote this b*tch here.

  • USC Trojans Fan

    Lame, and lame. Usually they pick someone who has been a champion of gay rights because if you actually know the history of West Hollywood carnival, it was created by many involved in gay non profits in Los Angeles as a sort of extension to Pride. How it was started was it was promoted as a fundraiser for gay rights and helping gay friendly politicians. In 2008 during Prop 8, the Weho Carnival (being so close to the election) became an amazing venue for the gay community to all unite and spread our message, and talk amongst ourselves, and celebrate, and raise money. They almost always pick someone who is atleast socially mindful of our issues. This chick ain’t one of them. All that aside, I don’t get the hype with her? What is the big deal with her that I’m missing?

  • Reality101

    She hasn’t once, in a single interview addressed gay rights. Many artists have. Many, many, many artists have stuck their neck out for us. Most of her fan base is gay. Overwhelming at that. She hasn’t lent her voice for them once. Considering she’s dating a known homophobe, is extremely religious, and is great friends (And even supported) the most homophobic artist in the music industry (the Jamaican ragae singer) I’d say she could care less about gay people and what they face. In fact, during the bullying epedemic, she was one of the very few noticeable missing artists who didn’t say anything. Not a word. I can’t stand her in interviews either. So haughty for someone who is not much talented at all.

  • DivaSaid

    Poor Choice! The only thing she supports are abusive men… Like her on-again off-again boyfriend Chris Brown!

  • DivaSaid

    Poor Choice! The only thing she supports is abusive men… Like her on-again off-again boyfriend Chris Brown!

  • BlogZilla

    I think most of the people posting on this article are lame. Where in the article does it say the West Hollywood Carnival is a gay thing or was a gay type of festival? For your information it’s not a gay thing. It never was.

    The White Party promoter is obviously a big fan of Rihanna and wanted to do what he did for Rihanna cause he was starstruck.

    Why the ‘journalist’ felt it was important to note that guy was the White Party promoter is beyond me. It’s not even relevant.

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