PHOTOS: Sexy Pokemon X & Y Pics Are Super-Effective

Chespin and Fennekin small

Oh hi, nerds. Good to see you. Glad you were able to tear yourselves away from your DS for a moment to check Queerty. We promise we’ll make it worth your while.

As you may have noticed from all the giddy geeks this weekend, the newest Pokémon game came out at midnight on Sunday, and hoo boy is it grand. A whole new engine, 3D battles, online play that actually works, and mega evolution will basically ensure that for the next couple of weeks we will be repeatedly missing our train stop because we’re too engrossed in play.

And speaking of play, here’s a little gift to the gaymers: a sexy-flirty-funtime Pokémon photoshoot, starring a herd of hunks frolicking by the pool. LA photographer Matt Baume (who also does those Marriage News Watch videos) cast his friends as Chespin (grass type), Froakie (water type), Fennekin (fire type) and a Trainer.

Behold a few of our favorite battles — and check out the full gallery on Matt’s site or on Facebook.

All four

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  • Greg Garavani

    Ew, why the fur fox tails? Don’t people realize how stupid that shit makes them look? Disgusting.

  • millo

    I love pokemon but i failed to see the connection between this photoshoot and pokemon. What is the correlation between this and pokemon x y?

  • Thomathy

    The boys gets tied up. They’re being ‘caught’. Also, fox tails.

    Apparently, they’re ‘disgusting’ though.

    *eye roll*

  • SilverRayne

    There’s typo: Chespin is listed twice, as grass and fire. The fire-type is Fennekin. other than that, I’m glad to see news of pokemon X and Y here as well. seems I can’t avoid it anywhere I go.

  • Greg Garavani

    @Ron Jackson Explain to me what’s ‘fun’ about promoting the death and suffering of a fox? Marc Jacobs is to blame for this ridiculous ‘trend’ of tails.

  • stevearies40

    There is nothing here promoting the “death and suffering of a fox”…. this is simply an attempt at a “sexy” ad for the newest Pokemon games…… the three guys (in the red, green and blue outfits ) are representing the three starter Pokemon from the games… the guy who was tied up represents a pokemon being captured…. that’s all…. maybe if everyone could see what they’re being shown at face value and wasn’t so quick to pick everything apart there wouldn’t be so much conflict in the world…. stop being a bunch of bitchy queens and learn to have some fun.

  • Aaron


  • LandStander

    @Greg Garavani: You do realize that the fox tails you can wear are almost always fake right? And that the intention is not to “promote death and suffering of a fox” but to embody a Kitsune. Japanese folklore includes many depictions of foxes and fox demons (though often with 9 tails). Thus, there are many characters in anime and games that are a mix of human and fox (a human figure with fox ears and fox tail). It is a fun costume, and nothing at all like wearing real fur. Marc Jacobs has nothing to do with its origin….

  • Greg Garavani

    Because fox tails were SO present in cosplay/anime expos prior to the Louis Vuitton show for 2010/2011. Started becoming a trend since then, it’s one thing to dress up with fox attributes but wearing actual fox encourages individuals that it’s okay to kill our distant cousins. You REALLY think majority of those tails are faux? Most fur pelts/pieces are dogs/cats imported from China to make it look like ‘foxes’. Anyone who finds that ‘sexy’ is revolting. How are fox tails not the same as wearing fur? Just because they aren’t draped in dead animals doesn’t make it any less equivalent than a tail. Oh and for the future, if these boring queens really want to cosplay, they can do a better job with their outfits, checkered slip on Vans? Please.

  • Rockery

    I’m not a gamer so I guess that is why I’m confused. I’m assuming though that even for Pokemon fans this seems pointless

  • Bozen

    This is weird, and the boys look kind of trashy

  • Dixie Rect

    I don’t find this sexy at all. And Bozen, I agree, they all look like white trash. They even look like the smell of bad chinese food and meth. You know the type.

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