PHOTOS: SF Boys Strip Down For Hero Tea Dance

PHOTOS: Hundreds of San Franciscans celebrated President’s Day weekend exactly how Washington and Lincoln would have wanted: Shirtless, and at a circuit party. The Hero Tea Dance served as the Official White Party Palm Springs Kick-Off and took place at San Francisco’s Ruby Skye. With the White Party set to launch in just a little more than a month, think of the photos below as an appetizer to the main event.

Photos: Marques Daniels











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  • hudson

    That’s expensive bottled water they’re swilling. At least it is in Canada. The glass is heavy enough they can arm curl all nite long and look ‘just pumped’…

  • Stache1

    @hudson: Well, since they can’t charge for party favors it has to count as in way over priced.

  • Stache1

    Seriously, I havn’t been to a circuit party for 13 years. Is it still drug central or have they grown beyond that into something more healthier now?

  • frshmn

    @Stache1: Judging by the saucer pupils in some of these pics lol. At least people know not to mix ecstasy and ghb with alcohol.

  • DustinStarrak

    @frshmn: ecstasy and alcohol is a bad mix, but ghb and alcohol is a deadly mix.

    and everybody’s eyes look like they were on something happy, nothing wearing or cracked out.

    @Stache1 drugs at a circuit part are not the unhealthiest part of the situation. I am adamantly anti-drug, but even I have to admit the psychology of a circuit party couldn’t be “healthier” until everyone puts some clothes on. lol.

  • sfocuteguy

    @Stache1: still drug central. add in san francisco, and they’re all meth-ed out!!

  • Stache1

    @sfocuteguy: That’s sad but I believe you since you live there. I lived there myself up till 2000 and that’s a big reason why I had to get the hell out. I guess I’ve been out of it for so long now you start to get rose colored glasses.


    It’s a shame that drugs and circuit parties seem to go hand-in-hand. People need to learn how to have fun without getting out of contorl.

    On a side note: there was definitely some beefcake at that party ;)

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