Isn't it Bromantic?

PHOTOS: These straight reality TV hunks spend an awful lot of time together… including in the tub

British reality TV personalities Sam Thompson and Pete Wicks have caused a stir after the release of a series of pictures showing off their friendship… which look more like something out of a romance album.

Thompson, known for his appearance on Made in Chelsea and Wicks, who gained fame from The Only Way is Essex’s, did a photo shoot together for popular British magazine New.

Thompson then leaked several of the images, which include several shots of the two, presumably naked, snuggled up in a bubble bath.

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“I promised this picture would go nowhere…I crossed my fingers,” Thompson said via Instagram.

The photos show off bromance at its most homoerotic. The pair apparently met on the set of the dating show Celebs Go Dating and have become a popular fixture ever since.

We kind of see why.