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  • Frank

    Was there this year, and let me tell you, this pride kicks tops all the ones in the US.
    I mean the whole city really turns out to celebrate gay pride and it’s one big party.
    I saw gay couples as well as straight couples in attendence, a lot with their kids.
    And not a single sole in site there to protest. I fell like Amsterdam is what the US
    could be if we learned to lighten up a bit.

  • QJ201

    I friggin love this city…I’ve been several times, but it’s been awhile (sucky US dollar!

    On my first visit, we were sitting in a cafe and the straight dutch couple at the next table spoke english and obviously overheard us discussing what bars to go to.

    This straight couple then proceeded to tell us which gay bars were best (the ones their gay friends go to) as well as other “insights” into the gay scene in Amsterdam.

    Don’t think this happens in other cities!

  • Maikel

    For those who are interested, here you can watch the complete canalparade (with Dutch commentary):

  • Daez

    @Frank: You mean if we abandoned this ridiculous notion that the United States was founded on religious principles and threw out all the haters?

  • Rusty

    I wish I knew months ahead of time when these parades were taking place so I could go. I just missed a great opportunity to go to this one and the tickets and hotels were so cheap when when a trip advisor e-mailed me about them, they just didn’t say that’s when the gay pride was going to be. Where do I go to find all the dates of pride parades around the world?

  • SteveC

    Rusty – the Pride in Amsterdam always happens on the 1st Saturday in August.

  • frank

    I’m not usually a patriotic person, but around pride I’m always very proud to be Dutch

  • Snownova

    @Daez: Nooo don’t throw out the haters! The only reason the Netherlands got to be as awesome as it is nowaydays, is because all our religious crazies emigrated to the USA

  • Raymond Saint-Pierre

    Amsterdam has the only HOMOMONUMENT in the world I know of. And it’s been this way for 40 years!!!!

  • Walt

    The only city I’ve been to where two guys kissing in the street lighten up faces of obviously straight passers-by.

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