PHOTOS: The top 10 LGBTQ fashion trends for summer

From the viral RompHim trend, to lacy shorts, summer 2017 has been filled with fashion trends we loved and hated… which is why we’re excited to announce the launch our quarterly LGBTQ fashion photo series, Trend Alert!

Check out our selection for the top 10 trends of summer 2017. Then, leave a comment and let us know which looks you love and hate the most.

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Without further ado, we present you with the top 10 LGBTQ fashion trends of summer 2017:

 10) The RompHim (@lamardupree)

 9) Kicking Up Your Sock Game (@willard.paul)

8) Ripped Denim (@rolyvizcayofficial)

7) Think Pink (@landonmcgregor)

6) Suspenders and Tight Jeans (@appelnane)

5) Neck Bandannas (@thenickadams)

4) Skimpy Swimwear (@a_und_c)

3) Tailored Tuxedos (@dom_and_nick)

2) Vertical Stripes (@alexandmike)

1.) Shirts Off, Sunglasses On (@avi_fit)

There were a few trends that didn’t make our summer trends list, but we loved them so that we thought they deserved an honorable mention:

Punk Plaid (@lesbianasf_ck)

 Tie-Dyed (@abearnamedtroy)

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